Revopoint Upgrades the Affordable Structured Light 3D Camera


Revopoint, a hi-tech startup specialized in 3D imaging solutions with California design and Shenzhen production, has introduced an upgraded structured light camera recently.

In early 2019, the company released Acusense, a 3D depth camera that can achieve submillimeter accuracy. The 3D camera delivers fast and easy-to-use 3D capturing experience and accurate 3D data. It is the first structured light camera from Revopoint developed to be integrated for diverse applications across a variety of industries.

Revopoint is proud to introduce the upgraded new version of Acusense, which presents new water and dust resistant design, as well as more stable performance. Four models of different sizes are available to capture accurate data at distance ranging from 0.2 to 2 meters. Stable infrared light is adopted to maximally reduce interruptions in its working environment. Based on the patented MEMS structured light technology and AI algorithm, Acusense can capture a large area in real time, offering model accuracy up to 0.1mm. Equipped with high-performance cameras, RGB images with resolution up to 8MP are output with vivid color and true-to-life texture. The embedded chips allow the cameras to directly output three-dimensional information, which greatly reduces the computing burden of the processing device. Therefore, devices with normal configurations can also generate desired results.

Acusense is compatible with Windows, Linux and Android system. While the cameras are capturing images, users can adjust key parameters in the processing software until they acquire desirable output results. Within seconds, RGB image and depth image are presented on screen. Then users can export the automatically aligned RGB-D models into 3D formats. To meet customer’s needs for quality 3D data, Revopoint offers a free 3D processing software, which enables easy post editing operations on the output models, such as clipping, meshing, filling holes and smoothing.  

Designed compact and lightweight, the cameras can be integrated into devices via the USB or Ethernet ports, making it a reliable solution for a wide array of applications like robotic navigation, reverse engineering and inspection. SDK are available to help clients to easily integrate with their services and increase their productivity. 

Committed to providing high-value solutions for clients, Revopoint has made a conscious decision to deliver cost-effective 3D imaging solutions for more users and applications. Since the key 3D imaging technologies are independently developed, Revopoint can find a proper balance between quality and affordability. At present, the company is working on a more comprehensive product line that can efficiently streamline manufacturing workflow and cut costs.

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