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3D Laser Profiler—Linescan

Accurate · Quick · Uninterrupted
Unbeatable Performance in Profile Measurement


Linescan uses blue laser to achieve stable inline measurement and inspection, missing no abnormal or defective parts.
The accurate and fast performance makes it ideal for width and height difference measurement, surface wrinkle detection and 3D shape measurement.


Linescan is a fast and effective profile inspection and 3D measurement tool, with cross-platform SDK for your specific development needs.

  • Inline measurement

    Inline measurement
  • Blue laser optical system

    Blue laser optical system
  • Capture 100 profiles/second

    Capture 200 profiles/second
  •   SDK for Windows and Linux

    SDK for Windows and Linux


Excellent in inline inspection and 3D measurement
Linescan 30 Linescan 60 Linescan 120 Linescan 200 Linescan 300
Wavelength Blue 405nm
Optimal working distance 50mm 100mm 200mm 370mm 550mm
Z-axis measurement
range (height)*
50mm±7mm 100mm±15mm 200mm±30mm 370mm±50mm 550mm±80mm
X-axis measurement
range Near side
34mm 68mm 138mm 260mm 383mm
X-axis measurement range
Reference distance
41mm 81mm 162mm 306mm 450mm
X-axis measurement
range Far side
46mm 93mm 186mm 352mm 518mm
Profile data interval
X-axis (width)
40μm 80μm 150μm 270μm 400μm
Repeatability Z-axis (height) ±25μm ±50μm ±60μm ±80μm ±100μm
Repeatability X-axis (width) ±13μm ±15μm ±20μm ±30μm ±40μm
Operating system Linux(Ubuntu18.04);Windows 10;ROS;HALCON
Points/frame rate Trigger interval: 640@100fps;1280@60 fps ;Automatic mode:640@200fps;1280@120fps
I/O port Hirose 6-pin connector
Data port Ethernet(RJ45)
Power supply Hirose 6-pin connector
Operating temperature -10℃~ 50℃
Storage temperature -20℃~ 70℃
Operating humidity 20%~65%(non-condensing)
IP rating IP65
Note ①The repeatability above is acquired in standard lab environment, which might vary subject to actual operating environment.
Beyond the Z-axis measurement range,the accuracy will be lower,but the device still works.


3D Laser Profiler

Accurate · Quick · Uninterrupted
Unbeatable Performance in Profile Measurement

Working distance


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