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3D Vision Automatic Welding Solution for Van board

Challenges and Difficulties

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the welding quality of the car body plates is faced with stricter requirements. The car body plates are often welded with several carbon steel plates and their sizes are always as large as 3*8 cm, which is also a challenge for welding. Errors in the previous process of placing materials can result in assembling errors of each part for car body plates and the error can be as big as 2mm. The main pain point for robot welding is that it is impossible to weld based on the pre-programmed path, while the high-voltage welding wire and line laser welding location tracking have complicated and time-consuming programs and spend 30% of the time to track welding location, which is low efficient. Not to mention, these two methods have a high demand for workpiece positioning. Even when the welding finishes, 25% welding can be missed , and the quality may be poor and it needs workers to weld in hands again. Whats more, this kind of welding technology does not apply to triangle iron welding, and the delivery of car body plates can be impacted heavily.


Specific Solutions

To solve the above challenges, Revopoint 3D launches an automatic welding technology for car body plates. It consists of the 3D camera Tracer P1 for high-precision photos and the TracerStudio software platform for photos analysis and welding seams recognition of car body plates grids, then information about the starting point of welding, direction vector, seam width will be forwarded to robots for welding and parameters (for instance, the size of the swing arc) adjustment. It takes as short as 5 seconds to take pictures and recognize the grid cells. Compared with the traditional high-voltage welding wire and line laser welding location tracking, the technology from Revopoint 3D can reduce the time spent on welding location tracking by 90%, it improves the welding efficiency by 30%, the success rate of welding increases from 75% to 95%. It also helps to reduce labor costs caused by re-welding. Moreover, it can be used to weld irregular workpieces (such as the triangle iron ). Being a user-friendly technology, it also reduces pre-programming by 70%.


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One largest dump truck manufacturer in Hubei province, produces and sells more than 20,000 dump trucks every year, which puts a lot of pressure on the production line. To meet the increasing demand, the company decides to upgrade equipment and improve the automation production level. In the past, due to the big size of car body plates to be welded on both sides , It is not easy to perform automatic welding. Manufacturers usually use manual workers rather than automatic welding technology, which results in low production efficiency and high cost caused by conventional high-voltage welding wire and line lase welding location tracking. These two methods can realize automatic welding, but they have some defects such as programming complexity, long time, etc. However, after adopting 3D Automatic Welding Vision Technology for Car Body Plates from Revopoint 3D, the company not only eliminated welding defects such as welding misalignment and welding missing caused by workpiece matching errors and low location accuracy but also shorten 1/3 of time spent on locating welding seams, improving the welding efficiency significantly.




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