High-accuracy 3D Camera
Capture 3D point cloud at submillimeter accuracy

Acusense 3D Camera

Acusense is an original depth camera based on stereo vision and proprietary structured light technology. It can acquire high-accuracy RGB-D image with full-color texture at a working distance ranging from 0.2 to 2 meters. Acusense is designed small and compact, easy to be integrated with robots for diverse applications such as machine vision, security systems and manufacturing.

  • Proprietary MEMS technology

    micro structure light technology
  •  High accuracy

    High accuracy
  • HD color point cloud

    HD color point cloud
  • Built-in processing

    Built-in processing

  • Cross platform software

    Cross platform software
  • Integration and custimization

    Integration and custimization
  • Post processing

    Post processing
  • Eye-safe light

    Eye-safe light

High accuracy driven by proprietary technology

Our micro structure light technology enables real-time scanning and high-quality
RGB-D image output at 7.5fps, with depth accuracy of 0.5mm at distance of 500mm.

HD color texture and invisible eye-safe light

Capture 8MP color image with resolution of 3840x2160P. Class I infrared structured light is safe for the eyes.

Cross platform and easy integration

Acusense supports Windows/Linux systems, and supports data transfer via USB or WiFi. The cross-platform SDK is open to deveopers.

Cross platform

Cross platform

Support Windows/Linux

Software development kit

Software development kit

Common platforms and programming languages are supported.

Data transfer

Data transfer

Transfer data via USB 3.0 or WiFi.

Post processing software

Post processing software

Provide an easy tool to process point clouds by stiching, meshing, clipping or filling holes.

Technical specifications——FOV


Industrial 3D Cameras

Small, accurate and integrable.

High-accuracy 3D Camera
Technology Dual camera infrared structured light
Working distance 0.2m~2m
Power input 5V, 1A
RGB resolution 2560×1600@15FPS(8M pixels)、1600x1200@15FPS(2M pixels)、800x600@15FPS(2M pixels)、640×400@15FPS(8M pixels)
Depth resolution 1280x800@2FPS 、640x400@10FPS
Dimensions 154.6mm×25.6mm×38.2mm
Repeatability ±0.1mm@ 0.2m, ±0.5mm@ 0.5m, ±1mm@ 1m
RGB FOV H51°×V32°(8M pixels)、H42°×V32°(2M pixels)
Depth FOV H49°×V29°
RGB alignment Support alignment of depth image and RGB image
RGB sync Software sync
Operating system Linux(Ubuntu18.04);Windows8/10
USB interface USB2.0
Wireless transfer Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi2.4G/5G
Power supply USB,Hirose 6-pin connector
Laser safety Class 1 infrared light,820/860nm
Operating environment Indoor only
Trigger External trig in/out
Multiple camera control Wired or wireless; successive control
*Note The repeatability above is acquired in standard lab environment, which might vary subject to actual operating environment.
2.The camera dimensions can be customized subject to customer needs.


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